Packaging a next generation breach detection platform with a Security Operations Center staffed 24/7 to finally give you the ability to fully protect your network and sensitive data

Deployment Options 100 Series Hardware Appliance

  • Remotely monitored and managed appliance including system updates and performance monitoring
  • 24x7 Technical Support
  • Next day replacement included
  • Shipped pre-configured
  • Inspect up to 3gpbs network throughput

Virtual Appliance

The sensor can be deployed as an agent, container, virtual or physical appliance on standard x86 architecture. The software packaging comes in the form of an RPM, DEB, OVA, QCOW2, VHD, AMI or container that can be deployed onto the server or inside VMware, f


  • Compliance Reporting: PCI, HIPAA, & NIST
  • 100% USA based SOC resources within our physical SOC
  • No limit on time for incident response investigation
  • Dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) included
  • Customizable monthly security briefing report & call with your TAM
  • Deployable SOC within minutes
  • Integrates with your current networking and security tools
  • No per software agent / sensor fees
  • Month to month contract term available
  • 24 / 7 / 365 proactive monitoring & investigation
  • No fees to add I change I delete network devices or servers


Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning based; both supervised & unsupervised learning

File Sandboxing - O Day Threat Detection

Shadow IT Identification

Integrated SIEM

Best of Breed Threat Intelligence Feeds

Malware Detection

DNS Tunnel Detection

Authentication Monitoring

Exploit Detection

Data Ex-Filtration & PII Detection

Anomalous Traffic Detection

Anomalous Command Detection

Anomalous Process Detection

Command & Control Detection

Port Scan / Syn Flood Detection

DGA Detection (Auto-generated domains)

Cyber Kill Chain Alignment

Breach Visualization

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Our Free Services

Vulnerability Scans

We scan up to 5 outward facing IPs for weaknesses. Then, present you with a formal report that addresses any weak points we may find.

Web Application & Email Threat Scans

We can scan emails or any application you may use, and we check not only your exposure to new threats but also scan for threats already present in the system.

Ransomware Assessment

We simulate 15 ransomware infection scenarios, 1 cryptomining infection scenario, and show if any workstations are vulnerable. This scan gives you a quick look at the effectiveness of your existing network protection.

Incident Response Retainer

We give your organization the ability to quickly identify malicious activity and receive contextual intelligence on attacks. This enables a faster and more effective response to cyber incidents.

Easy & Simple

Running a business is hard work. Staying up to date with Cyber Security on top of that? Almost impossible. That is why we are here to consult you on what is best for your company’s IT environment. So you can keep doing what you do best! From hardware and software to breach responses and solution counseling, Viperline will deliver comfort to your business.

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